New MacBookPro @ work, first impressions

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Well Santa came early for me back at Ticketmaster INTL.

When I joined I kind of made a mistake and swapped my original 15 MacBookPro for a smaller one 13inch/iCore5, because I did not want to carry stuff around (even though I don't commute a lot to he honest).

Eventually after a year, I am thankful, to receive a machine upgrade. I wont be carrying it all around so I don't mind the extra size. I remain loyal to the 13inch one, for personal use. My personal Macbook is a 13inch one (iCore7, Dual core) late 2015 and I very happy with it.

So there we are with a new 15inch, Quad Core i7, 16GB RAM and this new touch-bar instead of real keys! Here are my first impressions after a couple of days use.

  • Huge performance boost compared to my previous state, dual core iCore5 (2015) to Quad Core iCore 7. All my dev tools / editors etc operate and feel much faster!
  • Very nice monitor- as always!
  • Very thin form factor, wow this thing is really slick
  • The keyboard is nice. Great feel great feedback actually it really improves your typing rate but there is .a catch. If you are a rage typist like me - meaning if you apply lots of force when you type, by the way I think I got worse these last 5 years that I use Topre keyboards, I get to rage type all the time because my keyboard can handle it. But you should listen to me when I was typing to this new laptop, I kind of thought that maybe my wife would throw me out of the apartment. Thank god for my wife and my colleagues, I am going to operate using my beloved external mechanical keyboard. Not sure what is going to happen in the first long flight I will feel the urge to code or type something. We will see!
  • The hapticmouse pad - I think is improved compared to the first version (the one I have in my personal MBP). The feedback is a bit better.
  • The touch-bar, is actually not that bad. For the first couple of hours, I was accidentally pressing _Esc', because I was just _parking' my fingers on the upper left corner. The first time I found my self opening a file with vi pressing Esca couple of times it felt weird, or pressing F8 during a debug, but it works better as I expected. Anyway I am going to operate it mostly on close lid mode, so I get to play with the touch-bar when I use it at home or during a trip.
  • USB-C? Not sure how I feel about it, awkward? Along with the laptop I received a combo - USB-c to other things converter, so I was covered for most of the stuff. But is really weird, I got it back home the first day, just to realize that my existing power supplies from my MacBook will not work.

Overall not bad at all, and I am happy that I got a big performance upgrade still using my favorite Operating System.