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My name is Paris Apostolopoulos and I am a Software Engineer, from Athens, Greece, living in London.

Paris Apostolopoulos

I am passionate about Java, I hold the title of Java Champion and I have co-founded the first Java User Group in Greece. I am an Apple fan boy, there I said it. I hold a brown belt in Judo, and I have spent 10+ years of my life studying classical guitar. I love blogging, it's been since 2003 and I am a podcaster. I used to have one of the first greek podcast called papocast and later on I created weekendgeeks. Fast forward today I am podcasting again, see www.badguys.fm.

I am currently working as a Senior Software Engineer, I specialize on the JVM ecosystem but I do enjoy working on infrastructure as well. I am a DevOps believer.

I hold a BSc in Computer Science, an MSc in Distributed Systems and an MBA from the University of Kent.