A small docker image with kubectl,helm, envsubst based on Alpine

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I guess lots of people will have something similar, I thought to share my small customized container.

So here, you can find a small Alpine Based container, stuffed with

  1. bash
  2. curl
  3. envsubst
  4. kubectl
  5. helm (client)

It is mostly used as a _gitlab runner, in order to _talk to kubernetes clusters (injected with the appropriate kube-configs).

You can just run /pull it like

docker pull javapapo/kube-runner:2 docker run -it javapapo/kube-runner:2

Using different tags e.g. 1, 2 etc, I just upgrade some of the versions of the above utils.

Currently I feature tag _1 and _2 .

No rocket science, maybe some people will find it useful on their GitLab/Circle/BitBucket runner use cases.

ps) github repo is here