Hello Antwerp Devoxx here I come.

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Well here I am again, after an one year break I am back to my beloved Antwerp in Belgium, for my favourite Java developer conference, Devoxx 2012. This is actually my second half of vacation, since my summer was kind of weird, full of tention and only a few days of holidays :/ .

I really missed it last year so I managed to save the required amount of money and come back at a conference that is full of action, great speakers and lots of new stuff and ideas to be explored. I always have a great time at Devoxx ( since 2007) and I think it is going to be a blast this year as well.

I have to thank a lot Stephan for the conference pass and I hope to make the most of out it along with other members of the JUG leaders and Java Champions Community that I belong and I am very proud of.

During the week I hope to give you an overview of my day, so the blog is going to become a bit Java/ development centric

  • my apologies to my non techie - developer audience (please stay tuned).

Things seem to be quite at the moment in the HolidayInn Express, my place of choice every year for the conference. I arrived at about 9pm so I did not manage to pre-register and get my welcome pack. It is going to be an early start for me tomorrow along many other developers in the University Day One.

It is really a pitty that it is one of these years that I am coming alone in this conference, no close friends (Pano!, Marko) or JHUG members. I think it is something like a curse for me but I have to live with it.

My twitter account is going to abuse the #devoxx hashtag. For those visiting for the first time my blog, you can find more about me on LinkedIn.

Goodnight from Antwerp