Adventures with Eclipse Juno, MacOSX & Findbugs

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Back in June, I tried the first release of Eclipse (4.2.x) aka Juno, on my MacOSX laptop. The underlying VM on my system was JDK6 at that point. Unfortunately, the results were terrible, I was not able to complete a single line of code with no lagging and freezing in the code editor. I created a question/topic on stackoverflow.Not many replies and not an actual solution.

A couple of months later,fast forward, I am deciding to change my default JavaVM to JDK7, do the appropriate changes to my ~/.profile settings ( eventually set JAVA_HOME appropriately according to my needs) and give it another try. This time I downloaded Eclipse Juno SR1 (4.2.1). It sort of worked. The editor is working fine (I guess it could be a bit better performance wise) and I am able to work. I've red somewhere, that eclipse developers are working towards another SR release, so I expect things to get better. Ooh, another thing. If you happen to use Findbugs, as an Eclipse Plugin, unfortunately the release downloaded and installed through a simple search and click from the market place (official update site) is having a serious bug and it wont work. Meaning you can not get Findbugs results in any project. Googling abit with the issue, I found some replies on the Findbugs user list, where developers suggest users to remove the official update site at the moment, and re - install a more recent version from the daily release stream . I guess at some point the release is going to become official and going to be delivered from the official update site. I downloaded a snapshot of today's code and it work. So it was some kind of workaround for the time being. Happy Eclipse I guess :).