A new perspective

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I continue my journey on using Linux, and I was thinking that I was getting the whole process wrong all these years. I think I am feeling slightly liberated from something that has been holding me back, the 'by the book' syndrome. While I was trying to adopt or partially use Linux I was trying to follow the dogmatic approach, that you need to adopt the practises and techniques of the more experienced users from day one. That you need to use these package managers, you need to be pure and use this, this and that.

Well I have change my perspective and I approach the whole journey as a new beginning. I am trying different things and also making use of any developments that happened in the past few years. Linux is much more mature GUI wise than it used to be, package managers, installers and in general tools that you can easily find on other platforms are also somewhat available on Linux as well. So instead of trying to ditch all this progress is better to embrace this whole journey as a personal user and not as a software engineer that wants to show off about their knowledge or the domain.

After all what really attracted me to the Mac for more than 15 years was the features of MacOSX that made it super friendly as a home user and powerful enough to be used as a development machine! Still does in a way but the excitement is not there for me anymore.

What I want to do is to keep blogging about my experiments and keep some sort of trail of configs and tests. I am want to document some of the things because I am sure I will forget. I mostly use my Linux machine late at night, and sometimes I just fall asleep on the keyboard while I experiment with some 'sudo apt get' command.

I will maintain this list here.