Logitech MX Keys - an unexpected surprise!

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it's been some months now that I have been using the Logictech MX Keys keyboard. I wanted to give it some time, but the fact that some of my friends bought it as well, and they are also satisfied, validates the fact that it deserves a good review.

For my day-to-day work, I have been using a Topre - Realforce mechanical keyboard. Usually, I always bring this keyboard at work, and I leave it there. From February and onwards we work from home and unfortunately, I could not easily access the office to get my keyboard back. I needed a replacement but obviously, I wanted to avoid spending ~ 300 GBP for a second Topre keyboard, I thought maybe this is going to last a few weeks or so.

Apart from the price range, I was looking for a keyboard that could be equally compatible with my beloved Mac Laptops and my NUC Intel gaming PC. I don't do much coding on the NUC (Windows 10), but I wanted to reduce the cable clutter on my small desk. I also wanted to avoid using switches for a mouse and keyboard, I have 3 machines on my desk, 2 Mac laptops and 1 NUC PC.

Supporting maximum 3 different machines

One of the winning propositions of the MX Keys is that it can pair (via Bluetooth) with maximum 3 different machines. These machines can be Apple or PC, and the switch happens by pressing a key selector (1,2,3) in the top right corner. So when I switch my screen to Work Mac Laptop - I press the 1 selector, and the keyboard just works, when I switch to my Windows 10 NUC Pc, I switch again with the press of a button and voila! So this is one of my favourite features till now.

The key bindings are split between 2 worlds, so the keyboard once you - use the selector - switches from Mac to PC mode and vice versa, some keys do include all the available characters on their labels. E.g. Alt/Cmd, Opt/Start etc!

Quality & typing feedback

The quality is very good, the keyboard has a very solid base - it's not super heavy, but it won't bump and down even if your typing style is _heavy'. I am a rage typist so, I usually give a hard time to every keyboard because of the force I apply while I type. For months now it has sustained my typing with no defects, so I consider this a good sign.

The feedback while typing is very similar and even better with the official Apple Magic Keyboard. The keys don't have a lot of distance from their base - but scissors switches mechanism is pretty solid. Again if you are a rage typist - most probably you will max them out - meaning you will reach the base of the keyboard as you press the button, but I do think that I belong to a small group of people. Again it's still a very good all-around typing experience.

Bluetooth and Battery

Up till now I did not have any problem pairing the keyboard with Bluetooth on different machines, ir works like a charm. Batter is pretty good, usually lasts weeks and obviously the provided USB cable can be used for 1-2 hours to charge the keyboard.


Logitech, provides a mini software suite, where you can fiddle around with some settings, key bindings etc. It works on both Windows and MacOSX so this is a nice surprise, I was expecting a Windows only support but since the keyboard promises Windows/MacOSX compatibility, it delivers to its promise.


I bought the keyboard as a short term replacement for my main keyboard which is locked on my work office, but it seems that I might stick with it on the long run. I was so surprised with its performance and quality that actually after a couple of months I decided to buy - the sibling MX Master mouse. So if you want to switch between a mac and a pc, you want a decent typing feel that can satisfy the majority of people out there (even rage typists like me), I totally recommend it. Good job Logitech!