Upgrading my bash on MacOSX and simple tips found on the internet.

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I find my self doing lots of work in the terminal lately, I have to admit I was not that type of guy or an expert, but over the years I needed to step my bash/cmd/terminal game.

So I just red yesterday this very short and simple article, and I was like, wait a minute I've done some of these mistakes in the past. Master Bash and Terminal. Worth your time. I guess any bash / linux wizards already knows all of these simple tricks. It was funny because in the examples the author claims that he searches a lot of his bash history for previous executions of kubectl, I was like, Yes I do this a lot every day.

After reading this article I ended up to this simple guide on how to upgrade your default bash version on MacOSX, from version 3.2.x to 4.4.x .

1$ brew install bash
1$ chsh -s /usr/local/bin/bash

Then make sure on iTerm to add this, so that it starts as a login terminal. (/usr/local/bin/bash --login)

alt text

ps) I have tried to switch to fishsome time ago, but still some incompatibilities and extra tricks you need to do, in order to have the very same experience with bash - i was not ready for this.