year in review

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2015, what a year. The year that I eventually managed to get out of my comfort zone (or one of them) and left my country, to work and live abroad, I also proposed to my wife and got engaged.

The most weird and unfortunate year in terms of job and career, that did not go very well - many funny people with funny stories during a very funny job (I am still trying to get over it and not explode with anger - but I am working on it). At least I got to do a lot of reading and self study!

Overall it was not bad. Yes, some things did not work out, but I am feeling optimistic. It felt like a year of life changing events and now in this very last day, I'm making dreams for more exciting and bigger things to come (or hopes). I feel that I am changing as a person, embrace change a lot easier, while being happier and less stressed, than I used to be. This is a big change for a person that spent a lot of his time, constraining himself on several areas, beliefs or ideas.

Goodbye 2015, for sure you will be remembered :). 2016 here I come!


Dear Santa, I would kindly like to ask you for a decent job next year. A job where I will manage to funnel all my passion and love. A job where I will be able to share my knowledge and learn at the same time. I know it is not an easy gift to find but as I already elaborated I am feeling optimistic.


Καλή χρονιά σε όλους, υγεία και πολλά όνειρα.