BitBucket & SourceTree - great!

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For the last 3 weeks or so, I have been using BitBucket to privately host one of my late night coding experiments, along with my friend and co-jug leader Panos.

It is a private git/mercurial repository service and it's been around for a while, it is also free to use with a limit of 5 user accounts per repository. The extra wiki and issue tracker service provided is really handy! I really like the fact that the overall solution drives you through proper development practises, code -> wiki-ing-> issue tracker from day one. There are still lots of shops out there that do not have such services in their day to day activities. Yes I know, amazing!

I am currently treating git as an svn repository, since the committing team is very small (one or two people). I have not encountered any problem at all and I have to be honest, the service is great so - kudos Atlassian for this and of course thumbs up for giving it away for free! Yet another developer friendly service.

When it comes to pushing my code to BitBucket, after experimenting a couple of days with eGit, the only available Eclipse plugin, I gave up. Too much trouble, maybe still needs time and fixes but I will keep an eye on it.

So, I have embraced another Atlassian offering, SourceTree. An excellent desktop git/ merculiar application, which has both a Windows and Mac version - as my git client software. Works smoothly and the integration with BitBucket is a no brainer. Highly recommended!

2 great products for free, they deserve yet another post and a big thank you for yet another member of the developer community. Thanks Atlassian great work- really.

ps) I am really eager to try the Atlassian give away Tshirt's on Devoxx 2012 next week. They are always the coolest overall in the exhibition. : )