How to save your Apple wired keyboard - Replacementlaptopkeys is your friend!

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One year ago I had broken on the keyboard keys for my beloved MacBookPro. I was a bit terrified since changing the whole keyboard would require lots of work and lots of money! It was only a humble key after all. After a bit of googling I ordered a replacement key from Waited some days, and yes the replacement was a great fit and my laptop broken key is working fine up until now.

A year after, I had broken (ok I am typing fast and I am pushing hard especially when I am excited or angry!) a key on my regular beloved wired Apple keyboard. As I have noted several times in this blog, I wish Apple to continue offering this specific keyboard - if you ask me this is the greatest keyboard ever created. Small, enables high speed typing, rigid and beautiful. There is one big disadvantage though, it is quite expensive (60-70 euro). It would be a waste of money to buy a new one just for one small broken key, don't you think?

Thankfully I was saved again by replacelementLaptokeys. I found out that they have replacements for these normal Apple keyboards - so I order my broken Y and I am not typing from my favourite keyboard!

So if you break your regular Apple keyboard do not throw it in the bin, right away, there are cheap alternatives!

Highly recommended!