How to install KDE on CentOS 4.4 (Server CD)

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I have to admit that I am not a linux sys-admin, and I have been playing with CentOS 4.4 just a few weeks now. I have been running a CentOS dedicated server package in a european provider, so I wanted to set up my own local CentOS server in a spare PC I have. I just wanted to have a testing environment to experiment with several options and configurations before applying all of them to the working server. I have spent quite a lot of hours trying to figure out why I could NOT start an X Session in my CentOS 4.4 server. Looking on forums, pages, vi-ing lots of configuration files - no luck. What went wrong? Actually I could blame a bit the CentOS distribution because of its installation procedure, while you set up your server in the installation procedure you are prompted to select additional packages - like GNOME KDE, so I did! Though when the installation is over, and you try to start your KDE session you can see that the xserver is not working properly and of course KDE is not there! Why is that?

  1. I have donwloaded the CentOS 4.4 Server CD, this is supposed to be a bare minimum CD for easy CentOS installation. Despite the fact that during the installation it offers you the option to include KDE and GNOME packages - THESE are not properly installed! 2.So you have just completed the CentOS 4.4 Server CD installation, you are in front of your root terminal what you do?

2.1 (tips found here)

1> cd /etc/yum.repos.d wget
2> [](
3> yum install qt kdelibs kdebase yum update

2.2 also do a

1> system-config-display

2.3 Start x

1> startx

Done kde3 will most probably show up, I have been browsing through several topics and forums and at the end of the day it was - that simple :/