Keep track of your O.S dependencies - v2 -

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For many years now I have been using artifactlistener to get updates on my mailbox on new releases or libraries and project that I use at work or on personal projects. It is a very decent service, and I still use it. These were times that things like dependabot were still not a thing :) + I was mostly interested on the notifications side, rather than updating my deps automatically. Since I'm using Slack a lot I was searching for something more friendly and integrated directly to it, instead of creating hooks and IFTT actions. I tried and I think is very decent.

Here are the main features:

  • Email and Slack notifications (multiple channels if you really want)
  • Telegram/Hangouts and some other channels for receiving notifications
  • Regular updates on projects hosted on different services from Github / Bitbucket etc
  • Custom build config files - can parse your build file and look up the projects.
  • Configuration over the notification settings .

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