Ah these wallpapers .

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I remember the old days when I used to collect HD wallpapers. Spending hours and hours on different sites (do you remember devianart) , trying to find stuff that I like and making sure this wallpapers folder was always backed-up. I had multiple copies of it on CDs and then DVDs and then somewhere online. It is kind of funny how our taste changes over the years and that is reflected to our wallpapers collection as well. Kind of similar effect like the one we have with our taste for clothes as we grow older. Anyway, it's been like years now that I have abandoned that wallpapers folder. I must have deleted it actually from the last resort backup - some Amazon S3 folder, all these pics were not me anymore. I also got tired, I don't have so much free time either, think we all have better things to do. Here is a thing though, when I was young enough, and I had enough free time to spend on wallpaper collection (like many of you did, I know that) I could not afford a good or big monitor. Now that I can afford a big curved HD Samsung monitor, and I really love it, I really need some nice backgrounds. Damn it! One thing that changed over the years is that I kind of fancy change, like fck yeah change this desktop wallpaper every few hours why not, as long as it is a decent image of some sort. The old days when my wallpapers were only HD photos of fighter jets are long gone - but I do sometimes miss my Mirage 2000 over the Aegean Sea collection. For a long time I used to rely on Kuvva Wallpapers. I loved it, actually I was mind blown, so many nice pics and the app was so nice. I think at some point the app stopped being free or something happened (I can not remember), and I had to pick something else. In the past one or two years I have been using Unsplash Wallpapers on the Mac and for my Windows10 Gaming NUC - which I regularly find myself updating it and stuff - I discovered Splashy for Windows. I think they work both very nice, and they deliver good wallpapers. If you have any recommendations of similar Wallpaper Rotation apps - leave a comment here or on Twitter @javapapo.