Taming the eu chemicals

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Despite the fact that many times I have hinted several stuff about my day to day work, I rarely blog about my 4 almost 5 years engangement with the .chemicals industry of Europe. There was this moment that I did a small career change and I really thought that I would say goodbye to a project that I consider similar to a living organism which has parts of me (among other people), still breathing and kicking. Difficult thing to do, I get emotional and very proud of my work and all the passion I put in a project, an emotional investment similar to the one you put in people. This is how I feel.

The name of the project is REACH-IT, most of the EU - Citizens, everyday people, do not really know it and most probably never will, but in an extend it safeguards a very important sector, the creation, handling and import/export of chemicals within the EU . In law terms it is considered as one of the most complex regulations ever passed in the EU parliament and applied in the EU country members, and I can tell you for sure .it is a complex but elegant beast!But i love it sooo much!

My personal involvement was, is and most probably will be in the area of Business Process Modelling. Processes taming the regulation, orchestration of things to do, making a system that will coordinate this huge regulatory business logic- that every company dealing with chemicals is actually interfacing with it.

It was a great match for me, most probably very close to my love on control and keeping things in order, in straight lines (that has some side effects in life though haha). Tried several stuff through the development phase, tried some engines, evaluated some others, learned more about different ways on expressing and implementing business processes - the pragmatic way! I should do a small talk about this actually, - the pragmatic business process modelling and implementation', in a world full of technologies and software packages that promise everything and give you nothing!The human factor is also an important one. The BPM way on building a system is very critical on the 'quality of people using it and applying it.

For the time being, I have to say once more goodbye, but this is most probably a happy one and most probably not a hard one. In a month or so, I will be transferred to a new battle ground using my experience to tame some more procedures, some more processes, something that I still love doing, bringing order and clean lines to fuzzy business logic!

I think I am still in love with what I am doing .and I guess this is a good thing!


ps) lots of sudden changes lately :)