Some sort of replacement for my google shared items .

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One of the things I miss from google reader is the Shared items from other users. What a wonderful feature to be blown away by the bloated Google+ eco system. I used to discover many new blogs or articles through the shared items of my contacts, and now they are gone. I don't know how this Google+ thing is going to develop - at the time being it feels .not so user friendly for my taste.

So, I think I managed to recreate my shared items list - through a mix of 3rd party services. It is not the most ellegant solution, it is not the fastest one (meaning you don't get to have all the updates instantly on my feed) - but it works. It seems other people have been experimenting with the same recipe, I don't know if they have blogged about it or if it had become mainstream.

The trick. I used a services called (if this then do that). it's free, it's cool, you should try it. Through this service I created a task that is going to do the following.

Whenever I star an item in my google reader list, it will post this item link to my delicious account (where I used to store links - in the old days). Delicious is nice enough to give you an rss feed of your links (it is not updated instantly but it works). All the users that want to have a look on what I consider worth sharing by giving the 'star to them, all they have to do is just grab my delicious feed and subscribed to it. Add it to their g.reader list.

You can create a special folder in your google reader subscriptions list called for example Shared from others and there you can have the rss feeds of other people sharing through the same trick.

All you need is in the following list.

  1. account

  2. a ** delicious** account - if you already use one and you don't want to overload it - just make a new one.

  3. Enable the google reader and delicious integration from to your accounts.

  4. Create a task like the following or just use my recipe.

  5. Grab the rss feed of your delicious account and just send it to your friends or make it available.

  6. Remeber that when you have this list to be update you have to _Star' the items - sharing is not as it used to be in the new version of google reader - so you have to star!

Give it some time and the feed will be refreshed. You can see my shared star items in my feed here.

Hope it helps