Javapolis Conference Day One

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We got up early this morning! This is my second Javapolis so I know the way around! If you want to see live the keynote you should wake up early, and be there on time! So 9.30 the first keynote starts.

Stephan Janssen, mr Javapolis and the BeJUG leader opens the session! Javapolis statistics, a small update about the Javapolis status, it's future etc etc. Hey even a special request be me last year about having a Javapolis shop for Javapolis gifts it was there! Nice one Stephan! When it comes to the question when do you want to have Javapolis next year my personal preference would be December for sure!

After Stephan, it was Bruce Eckel's turn to introduce the concept of the Uncoference. Simple idea .I was very busy though and I did not manage to attend and see how it scales! Well Uncoferencde is all about people and talk. A place and time are reserved, a few tables, time slots are defined by the attendees (No coordinator). Either you want to share some knowledge or you want to know about something - you declare a session on the board. People come to the table, talk and thats all about it! Sound interesting no powerpoints, no Q&A, nothing Just talk!

Finally the session was closed by James Gosling. A quick round up of the existing Java technologies, and Q & A on the Ask James session! It is always a pleasure to watch the father of Java. During the Ask James session, my favorite question was - about MacOSX and Java. It seems that lots of Java developers are worried about JDK1.6. The answer is that, Apple is Apple .

After the keynote we had a break - s0 I had the chance of getting some more T-Shirts! I have actually headed to Sun's booth and I kindly asked for a Java DB T-Shirt! Last year Java DB's one was one of the best. This year the design is minimal but cool enough! Hey Alexis! I need a GlassFish one pleaaaaaaase! As you may have noticed I just love GEEK T-Shirts!

My sessions for today were

  1. Guice by Bob Lee very interesting .
  2. Filthy Makeover by Chet Haase even though I am J2EE guy I try to keep in touch with the work of Chet Haase and Romain Guy (it is unfortunate that he was not able to attend).
  3. JSR 316 - Java Platform Enterprise Edition 6 Specification by Roberto Chinnici - I have to admit I was expecting a bit more action on this session.

After these 3 talks- I took a break - probably I was Java overdosed huhuhu so my next session was the best for today The Future of Computing panel with James Gosling, Neal Gafter, Joshua Bloch and Martin Odersky. This session must have been a Java life's experience. It is very rare to have such a panel - in a free ride talk about the future of Java and computing in general. Coordinator for the session was Carl Quinn of the Javaposse (of course). The panel talked about singed and unassigned data types, multi core cpus, real time systems, code efficiency. Excellent talk, marvelous experience! I mean what else would you want from a conference!

My last session was the Java Champions BOF. Lots of talk regarding JavaFX and a very nice point by Stephan. We should nominate Landon Fuller (for his work on porting JDK.16 on MacOSX leopard - as a Java Champion! A small sign of appreciation for his excellent work!